Amelie O’C

Coach (Rubies, Opal)

Hey everyone, I joined GCA about 7 years ago. As well as being an athlete for 7 years, I’ve also been junior coaching for 2 years and last season I became an assistant coach. This season I am lucky enough to be an official coach and be coaching Opal and Rubies.
I started doing cheer in year 7 for my school team, Tewkesbury Titans, and then moved to GCA to continue cheering in year 9, ever since then I have loved GCA, it’s an incredible gym and it’s like a second family to me. Last season I was on a level 3 and a level 2 team and this season I am competing level 2, 3 and 4.
As well as being a coach and an athlete, during the day I work full time as a hairdresser. However, as a side job I am also a portrait artist.

Any questions you might have we will happily answer them.

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